You’ll come across (that’s if you haven’t) articles telling you something different from what I wrote here, it’s only because social media has no manual, it is what you make of it. So you can read a variety of articles on growing business social media and watch videos for different perspectives, at the end of the day it’s about what works for you/your brand.

2 years after establishing my business, its total social media following is sitting at 10 000. There are people who’ve asked me how I grew my business social media, it’s quite difficult to briefly answer that question, which is why I am hoping to answer some of your burning questions through this article. Different strokes for different folks as I’ve already said, but if my stroke works for you, go right on. Here’s my simple 5-step guide to growing your business on social media:

1. Relevance

It’s never about how many times you post, but what you post. If your business is about selling fruits and vegetables, would anyone expect to see posts about fashion on your pages? Of course not, unless if you misdirect or confuse your target. Logically, if your business sells fruit and vegetables, your content would be around healthy lifestyle and wellness.

Stick to what your business is about. Find a way to communicate that with your target market. I strongly believe that this makes or breaks your brand’s online presence.

2. Consistency

This is probably that boring word you’ve heard from a lot of people in different contexts, but, it makes a difference. One thing I’ve come to realize with social media is that people forget, easily so. Today they’re talking about this, tomorrow it’s different. So imagine if you posted on your business social media pages only on special occasions, one thing for sure, by the time you send your next post people will have forgotten about you.

Be consistent in posting that relevant content. It does not really matter how many likes you get on the post, as long as the next potential customer who’ll scroll on your timeline/feed will see the content and understand what your business is about and offers.

3. Engagement

Nothing makes a customer feel like they are an important part of a brand, than engagement. It’s not taboo to reply to questions, remarks or reviews made by people on your social media. Engage with them, it adds that personal touch. Of course people know that there’s a person behind that twitter or Instagram account, but they need to feel it.

While consistently posting your relevant content, engage with the audience on your posts as many times as you can. Engaging with them doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be overly friendly or rigid, be professional and lively. What’s important is that you communicate with them, I’d also advise having content that arouses interaction amongst them.

4. Collaborations

Collaborations are powerful when used correctly. You can never go wrong with a good collaboration, find brands that you can work with and cross-market one another. Your audience follows them and vice versa. Some ideas and concepts are actually better off implemented by a group of certain people/businesses, and it’s your duty to find out which.

5. Competitions

Who doesn’t like freebies? Definitely not me, and so are your followers. Sometimes the only way for more people to know about your business, is if they receive a sample/tester or the whole product for free. You never know what could come out of giving away 5 of your products to lucky winners, you could get 10 new customers just from that.

So competitions work really well, just remember to make them less admin, so you can get more people to participate in them. Everyone likes a hassle free competition, well, at least I do.

So, what has worked for your business on social media? Please share with me in the comments section.