Things I Never Said To Myself (eBook)

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If you could get a chance to meet a past version of yourself, what would you say to him/her? Things I Never Said To Myself is a self-love poetry collection by Duduzile Noeleen Ngwenya. The purpose of this book is to share words of love and healing, to root out the self-sabotage habits we’ve subconsciously adopted while cultivating self-esteem. The author believes that to build healthy relationships with our future selves, we ought to heal and forgive the ones we’ve had with ourselves in the past. This way, we learn ways in which we can have healthier relationships with ourselves and those around us.

The book is divided into three collections: growth, love & healing reminders, notes to self and affirmations. All these are aimed at creating a space within ourselves where we feel safe and loved for who we really are. Are you ready to have that conversation with yourself? Then grab yourself a copy of this book.

1 review for Things I Never Said To Myself (eBook)

  1. Bonolo

    Firstly, thank you for writing this wonderful book. The content is outstanding and I love how clear the affirmations are. I constantly find myself referring back when I feel down because you can actually feel the words as you read.
    Secondly, i highly recommend it for people battling with anxiety. The book is really encouraging and can help keep a positive attitude.

    GREAT BOOK 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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