Things I Never Said To Myself

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If you could get a chance to meet a past version of yourself, what would you say to him/her? Things I Never Said To Myself is a self-love poetry collection by Duduzile Noeleen Ngwenya. The purpose of this book is to share words of love and healing, to root out the self-sabotage habits we’ve subconsciously adopted while cultivating self-esteem. The author believes that to build healthy relationships with our future selves, we ought to heal and forgive the ones we’ve had with ourselves in the past. This way, we learn ways in which we can have healthier relationships with ourselves and those around us.

The book is divided into three collections: growth, love & healing reminders, notes to self and affirmations. All these are aimed at creating a space within ourselves where we feel safe and loved for who we really are. Are you ready to have that conversation with yourself? Then grab yourself a copy of this book.

15 reviews for Things I Never Said To Myself

  1. Bonolo

    Firstly, thank you for writing this wonderful book. The content is outstanding and I love how clear the affirmations are and easy to read. I constantly find myself referring back when I feel down because you can actually feel the words as you read. Secondly, I highly recommend it for people battling with anxiety. The book is really encouraging and can help keep positive attitude.

    GREAT BOOK 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  2. Neil Naidoo

    This book is original and thought provoking. These positive affirmations about self-care creates an awareness about how to constantly agree with your inner voice to radiate positivity.

  3. Tshegofatso

    You soo swift fast and effective wow I never thought ordering something would be soo easy

  4. Bianca

    Your book gets me through the day being
    bipolar and depressed this is a book I can’t put
    down well done thank

  5. Relebohile

    Your service was amazing, everything was smooth and there was plenty of kindness and patience received from ordering till delivery not mentioning how my order was perfectly packaged.🥹🫶🏽 I hope you publish another one, you are a work of art in all forms.❤️

  6. Nomfundo Khumalo

    For me the service was amazing bandla. At some point I even made a mistake with the address I sent but you were completely patient with me and I felt really appreciated as a customer. I haven’t even unboxed the book because I’m saving it for my birthday, the book is THAT special pls

  7. Katlego Sebola

    Excellent service. Delivery didn’t take more than a week. The book is exceptional. The fact that you took the time to sign the books and write a little note 🙌🏼🙌🏼, need I say more.

  8. Neo Leepile

    Hi sis, I finished reading nd yhoo I never thought having deep conversations with myself has this big impact….I keep going back. I hardly tap myself on the shoulder when I hv done something good or when I hv done my best.

    Page 81 😭😭😭 “Have you forgiven me”

    Thank u so much 💓

  9. Asiphe Mgedezi (verified owner)

    I will definitely do the review because love ,you just gave me my best friend 🥹we having our night tea as we speak ❤️I can not wait for 3 years mna I need another one soon , I don’t normally buy books but this one just has that thing njeee 🔥🔥🔥thank you so much for this book❤️

  10. Sandisiwe Langa

    I absolutely love the fact that this book is timeless. Can always go back and read my fav pages ❤️

  11. Kimberley Archary

    This book cannot be finished. You will constantly return to it. It allows you to keep pushing through xx

  12. Teffo Hylvester

    Yoh… speechless 😭😭this book 🥹🥹 so i got this tattoo last year when i was going through some things, n whenever i get this voice in my head saying am not worth it, i jus look at it and soldier on… But after reading page 15 of this book i know exactly what to do next…Thank you so so much 🙏🏻i really needed this book

  13. Lungile Dlamini

    Your book has really been soothing my inner child. I still haven’t finished it (like savouring those last blocks of smooth chocolate ☺️) but I just want to say thank you for sharing your words with the world ❤️ We all need to speak honestly yet kindly with ourselves every now and then, and remember who we are. You are amazing, stay blessed 🙏🏾

  14. Orapeleng

    At this certain time of us “committing generation” this book can restore your self esteem and….like let’s leave it. Life is Tadaaaa.

  15. Orapeleng

    Such a brilliant book and perfect timing.

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