If you’re reading this, you’ve crossed over to 2020. Congratulations.

This is a clean slate, for all of us. You decide what you want your 366 paged book to be about, you’re in control. In as much as things don’t always go as we plan, we try our best regardless. Disappointments are a part of our lives, when they happen, we take them in and continue striving. There’s times where you’ll work hard, where you’ll give it your all, and it still wouldn’t be enough. When that happens, you are allowed to cry it out or throw a big pity party then try continue living the next day.

Indulge in more positivity this year. Strive to be a better person to others, God and most importantly yourself. Dream and chase those dreams, let no one take that opportunity away from you. It’s going to be a good year, best believe.

May this year be what you expect and make of it. Happy 2020 beloved! 🥂