It’s usually at the beginning of a new month, where we feel anxious, uncertain, discouraged or confused. Counting down to a new year and you realize that we are practically 6-7 months down to end of the year.

Looking back onto your resolutions list, only to figure that most of the things you wrote are still unaccomplished and some suddenly seem unattainable. In the same list, there are those few you have achieved, but you simply overlook because “that’s like 2% of the list so it doesn’t matter”.

I wanna say it’s okay to think the 2% doesn’t matter, but I’d be lying to you. I spend most of the time in my life overlooking my achievements because they‘re either not what I expected or compared to so and so’s, they’re too small to be celebrated. That’s where we get it wrong. For the mere fact that you wrote it down, worked on it, then attained it, means it matters. Don’t allow yourself to be clouded by what you couldn’t get, when you can celebrate what you consciously worked for, and achieved.

“It doesn’t matter how slow or fast you go, as long as you don’t stop”

Speed isn’t important when it comes to attaining goals. Don’t be so anxious about time when you can work towards your end goal while aiming for excellence. You’re your biggest investment. Get up everyday, read that resolutions/goals list you wrote down beginning of the year. If there are things you’re no longer enthusiastic about on that list, remove them. If there are things you’d like to add, do so. Change is good.

“Life’s not all about who has more ticks on their resolutions list”

Cheer yourself on, don’t wait for your friend, parent, spouse or secret admirer to do that for you. Tap yourself in the back every time you achieve something, you did good. Remember that those who’ve made it in life never gave up.

As we’ve begun another month, may you be filled with peace, drive and patience to work towards your ambitions. Most importantly, may you remember that God is there to listen and help you through it all.