Does this term ring a bell? If you were asked “how many times do you sabotage yourself everyday?”, would you know? I for one wouldn’t know. The sad part about it is that you might have done it so many times, that you don’t realize it when you do it anymore. The little bad jokes you throw in about yourself time and time again, what impact do you think those “jokes” have on the way you view yourself? What if your subconscious mind doesn’t know when you’re joking?

Let me break it down for you. The definition of the word “Sabotage” is to deliberately destroy or damage. Now when we add Self before Sabotage, it means “To deliberately destroy yourself”. Self sabotage is dangerous because you can barely see or feel when you‘re partaking in it, until you’re sitting one on one with your therapist and they ask “how often do you think negatively about yourself?” then you realize that the only accurate answer to that question is ”haha all the time Dr”.

Jen Sincero (on her You are a BadAss self help book) outlines how we grow up as peaceful beings with minds full of positivity towards the world and ourselves, only to start indulging on the negativity we receive externally and changing our mindsets completely.

It’s important that we master our minds and how they work, that way we know how to deal with our thoughts. An illustration:

Thought -> Repetition of the Thought -> Belief -> Reality

The more you think about something, the more you’re going to start believing it, once you believe it, you live it. We unconsciously create all sorts of beliefs in our minds then wonder why certain things happen the way they do, or how we act the way we act.

If you make a conscious decision to change the way you think, there will be a huge positive change in your life. There’s a saying that goes

“how do you expect a positive change in your life when your mind is full of negativity?”

How and what you think about yourself, matters. Pay attention.