“You have 60000 thoughts per day. That’s 60000 chances to either build yourself up or tear yourself down.”

Have you ever been comfortable with a toxic version of yourself without even realizing it? Obviously you’re not going to look on the mirror and suddenly see stains that show you how toxic you are, it takes a lot of self introspection and awareness to know this. Let’s break down what the word Toxic means, just so my point is clear enough.

The word “Toxic” is synonymous to poisonous, harmful, venomous or virulent. In simpler terms when you’re toxic, you’re poisonous. Poison doesn’t grow anything, it destroys.

What triggered me to write this article is a self realization I recently had, and I feel that it’s important for me to share this with you. I made a business mistake, quite a big one if I try analyze it more than I already have but that’s not the point now. Rewinding to the moment when I had this realization, I was so unkind and poisonous towards myself. I constantly said the most mean words to myself, and expected to find remedy everywhere else (through seeking advice from mentors and business associates), but from myself. This has to be one of the highest levels of self betrayal.

If you cannot rely on yourself for comfort and warmth when you need it the most, then you’re venomous towards yourself and you need to work on it.

I’m not denying that we are sometimes driven by how hard we are on ourselves when it’s necessary, but you have to remember that poison kills everything it gets in contact with.

There are circumstances that do not need you to be unkind towards yourself in order to make things better or less burdensome. As a matter of fact, self toxicity makes everything worse. Let’s get a little practical shall we? Picture this short scenario in your head:

Noeleen thoroughly prepares for a school presentation, but stage fright does the most as she has to present, which leads to her forgetting some of the most important points she wanted to make. The students keep nodding during her presentation, so is her professor. Upon getting to her place later, she cries it out then looking on the mirror she affirms herself, you prepared, as you should have. Public speaking just happens to be one of your weak points, but you did amazingly out there. Through practice, you’ll do even way better next time. I’m so proud of you.

Get to a point where saying kind words to yourself does more soothing than anyone else’s.

Situations are different, but regardless of how big of a mess or hiccup you find yourself in, it is entirely your duty to get yourself out of any situation life throws at you, without being self destructive. You’re your biggest investment, so treat yourself as such.

How do you call yourself out when you’re being toxic towards yourself? Share with me in the comments box! 🙂