There is a danger in feeling incomplete without someone or something. Read that again if you have to.

One of the painful sides of self love has to be when you have to accept that certain people and things come and go, and you just have to be okay with it. The people you have in your life are there for a reason and it’s up to you to figure out what it is. Once they’ve fulfilled their purpose in your life, they’ll leave (or have to leave).

If you’ll keep on holding onto those who have to leave, you spare no room for those who are meant to come into your life. All because you fear letting go. I’ve come to realize that often times when a person struggles or fears letting go, it is because they’ve made themselves believe that they’re incomplete without that person/thing.

Loving yourself comes with knowing and believing that you are already enough and don’t need anyone or anything for that matter, to make you whole. Those who come into your life are simply messengers sent to fulfill certain tasks in your life or to help you realize something about yourself/life.

It is painful to see those you’ve grown to love and share your life with, slipping away from you, but oh it is such a great tragedy to hold onto people who have no more mission to fulfill in your life, all because of your need for other people but yourself.

Be careful where you use most of your energy, is it really worth fighting for? Will it still matter in 5-10 years time? If the answer is no, then you’ve got some decluttering to do, so get to it.

Work on getting to a point where you feel complete without any other person/thing, because that is precisely how you are and should feel.

Never let yourself believe that you’re not enough.