I'm slowly learning that I should never attach my goals & vision to my age. It has hurt me a lot and I'm the only one who can stop it. I'm learning how to dream and work towards my goals with the mindset of "it doesn't matter how long it takes, I'll make it happen someday".

Duduzile N. Ngwenya


I don’t only write about healing, self-improvement, love, and growth, I enjoy speaking about these topics as well. In my events, I delve deep into what contributes to our emotional and mental wellness, and how we can reshape our relationships with ourselves and those around us. I am fulfilled by sharing my experiences and knowledge with other people because I love inspiring others for the better.

I also speak on mental health, which I believe is the core of the topics I write and speak about. We all deserve the chance to tap into the greatness we were destined for, and my life’s mission is to facilitate that in every person I get to interact with through my writing or speaking events.

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